To Stewbert Fanfic Seekers

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To Stewbert Fanfic Seekers

Since I've received a lotta message requiring old Stewbert fanfics recently, and I'm in a country where "A Great Fire Wall" constantly prevents me from browsing foreign sites like Tumblr, I decide to write this post to introduce some places to find and read those old fics.

(Yeah, the fandom has at least a history over one decade, starting as TDS slash and gradually developing into the whole idea of "Fake News Fandom". If you are just a new shipper like me, I highly recommend you to take a look into the sites I list below and seek treasure from these old communities.)

- First it's LiveJournal

As far as I'm concerned, it seems that some bad accidents once happened in this site, which resulted in massive fic/account locked-up/delete. However, with that said, the site is still a major ground for Fake News fans to find great fanfics and anecdotes from the past.



Might be the earliest community which dedicated solely on TDS crew's RPS. 

The registration of LJ is easy. When you get your account, 【Join the Community (not "add-friend"!)】by click this button:


Then you can view all (including those locked) posts here. 

The community has its archive, but I find it a bit difficult to use when I want to filter fanfics and find certain information I need, which means I have to read nearly every post and it takes me days to reach the end of 2006 by far.

If you're not interested in the fandom history and TDS anecdotes (e.g. from this community I found that Stephen, once in a TCR Q&A session, admitted he had read zenified’s Stewart smut. OMG what a gem), my suggestion is that you can simply search posts by the authors' ID.

There’re many great writers and fanfics there. And apart from Stewbert, you can also find other ships like Rob/Ed, Stephen/Paul, even Tucker/Jon there…… *LMFAO *there's even a special community named "Tuckerabuse", enlightened by the famous "Crossfire" incident lol.

Some very famous fics were first posted in this community, like dream_aloud's BDSM verse "Souvenir"zenified's "Road Trip", "Detour", “Boy Interrupted", "Fountain of Youth" and "Fighting Demons", etc). 

So with some patience and time, you might find that actually the community has adequate juicy things for you to lurk on lol. 

(For instance, I also found that sometime around '05 or '06, in response to TDS' criticism on bloggers, a news blog site wrote articles to reveal the existence of TDS slash communities and fanfics. It caused quite a fuss in TDS_RPS at that time but since then, the community members started to guess whether the TDS crew had really found out about them or not — Yeah I believe they always know about us, and the "slash thing" was discovered waaaaay earlier than John Oliver's "introduction".)



This community established later as a larger base containing both Fake News FPS and RPS. (It might even include real news slash? I haven't started reading this community, so I guess I'll figure things out later.)



Both Real&Fake News pairings can be found here. Cannot be join but all prompts and fills can be read right now. 

The 33-page post of promptshttp://newskink-meme.livejournal.com/709.html 

Dear Erin has sorted out the fills for us here: https://www.diigo.com/profile/newskink

4.Other LJ Communities

thedailyshorts: http://thedailyshorts.livejournal.com/

TCR_FPS: http://tcr-fps.livejournal.com/

fakenews_fanart: http://fakenews-fanart.livejournal.com

etc, etc.

- Then some individual sites.

I recommend talented ErinPtah'

Dreamwidth: http://ptahrrific.dreamwidth.org/148787.html  

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/ErinPtah/pseuds/ErinPtah 

And her FANTASTIC DA: http://erinptah.deviantart.com/gallery/6570525/Fake-News

She writes and draws amazing stuff there. You should definitely check it out! 

(More sites might be added later if I find great things online lol)


We still need hella fanfics and fanarts and fanvids, Stewbert fans.

C'mon, be creative! ;)



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